Zero: Richard Wardman

Hi! I’m Richard. I’m 34 years old. I’m married to Amy and we have three gorgeous children. We moved to Milton Keynes just over two years ago to lead a local church. We love it here and can’t imagine being anywhere else!

The last time I did any kind of serious running was at school when I was forced to run cross country in PE. But over the last few years I’ve been fed up with being inactive and overweight. I heard about the Redway Runners beginner’s groups through Facebook and decided to sign up. So in January 2015 I went along to the daytime beginner’s group, completely terrified that: a) I looked like a Muppet, b) I didn’t know anyone, and c) I would die.

But ten weeks later, on 28th March, I ran my first 5k parkrun and was surprised to find that I did it in 28:32! Now I’m hooked. All I can seem to think about is my next run. Words like intervals, fartleks and pacing have become part of my vocabulary. I’ve run several parkruns since and slashed four minutes off my personal best. Now I want to go further and faster.

Then in April this year I watched the highlights of the Virgin Money London Marathon. It looked like such an incredible experience and a ridiculous notion started to form in my head: maybe I could run a marathon, maybe the even the London Marathon! But don’t be silly, I thought. I’ve only just started running and I wouldn’t even know where to begin training for such a race. It’s a ridiculous idea.

So I put my name in the ballot. Idiot.

I think it was the very next day that I heard about Redway Runners’ plans for Zero to Hero – a club initiative to take running novices to the finish line of the MK Marathon on May Bank Holiday 2016. This is what I needed; this is my I was looking for. Without hesitating I emailed Doug and put my name in. I went along to the intro session, grazed my knees, and I’ve been assigned a mentor (Paul).

And so the journey from zero to hero begins. I’m excited. I’m nervous. I don’t know if I will make it or if my body will cope with the demands. But I’m willing to give it a shot.

Thanks for your interest and support.


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