All roads lead to a marathon

Firstly I’d like to welcome you to my blog I hope you enjoy reading my journey from novice runner/jogger. As I run various distances all the way up to the next MK marathon.. So here goes wish me luck!!!!

so it begins… I have signed up for the 2015 ” Race for Life” 5k event and I’ve never done anything like this before. I have always been anti- running but I knew that if I was to complete this event then I would need to start training. I was sent an email a few weeks prior saying ” A few of us run at Parkrun Saturday morning 8.50 am at Willen lake please join us if you want to” Naturally I scoffed at the email and carried on my day. Later in the week I said I would join the ladies and go to my first Parkrun. Oh dear it was awful, I walked, jogged, gipped and dragged myself round all 5k of Parkrun that morning. I have never felt so ill and once I got out of bed I knew I had to stick to training as I never wanted to feel like that again.

The advert and the running club.. Im six weeks into my training and I can see I’m improving. I decide to try Parkrun again I can’t be as bad as last time ( fingers crossed) And off I go total time to 5k 38 minutes, and I don’t feel like dying what an achievement. On a high I go onto my local running club website Redway Runners to think about joining. I come across an advert/ article Zero to Hero.. Ooh hello what’s this?? I read on sounds good- awful at the same time and I apply. Not thinking I’d ever be chosen not me.. Email sent not much to do I wait for a reply. A few days pass and my phone beeps. It’s an email Z2H Induction session and I’ve been invited to the icebreaker, I’m very excited I got picked!!

Special OP’s New faces…its Wednesday I’ve looked forward to this night for a while and here goes. The evening starts with Martin telling us about the programme and what we will be doing throughout the year. It’s all real I am training go run a marathon 26 miles of endurance. Then we move onto team building and I have great fun doing things I would never do and I’ve got the bruises to prove it thanks to the 9ft wall. As I leave I know I’ve made the rright choice I look forward to the journey ahead and then I realise all roads lead to the marathon.


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