My first week

Race for life… The event I’ve spent weeks practising for has arrived, I’m so excited. This day holds a special meaning for me, I race for life for… My beautiful mum who I sadly lost last year and today is her birthday, so I am going to make her proud!!! The atmosphere is amazing and I look at all the people taking part and read there messages and quietly shed a tear. I’m not on my own I am with my mother and sister in law and we all set off. The sea of pink starts to move and its all go and I go over obstacles and into mud and finally down the mud slide and cross the finish line. I get my medal and complete the 5k with a smile on my face.

Club run… Its Monday and I’m going to my first club run with the Redway Runners. I’m nervous and not sure what I’m doing or where I’m going. I join the social group I know its 4 miles and I think I’ll give it a go. Wrong choice I’m told if actually goes 6 miles and I know I’m in the wrong group. I leave at Willen hospice and run towards the pagoda and down to the pub and end it there. Next week I know I’m going with the step up group.


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