Wednesday Club Run

This morning I went out to the Redway Runners Wednesday Club Run. I thought I’d write up some thoughts about it to help other if they’re thinking of going along too.

The Wednesday morning club run is aimed at all running standards. It’s every Wednesday morning at 9.30am meeting outside David Lloyd. The sessions rotate between intervals, hills, out-and-back runs etc. There’s a good crowd.

Today was intervals out near the cricket pitch at Campbell Park (you can see my Strava activity thing here –

It was really hard work today, particularly up and down the hills. I wanted to give up a few times! But it was a great workout and feels good having done it. I always think mid-run “why on earth would I choose to do this to myself!?” But afterwards I’m always glad I did it and know that it will pay dividends in the long term.

There’s no question that running with others is the chief motivation for keeping going, and there is always such a great atmosphere at Club Runs with everyone cheering on and supporting each other. It’s a great way to improve your fitness, make friends and have loads of fun doing it.

The great thing about the Wednesday runs is the variety. Until I started running I had no idea about the different kinds of training involved – I just thought you ran!! But these sessions have helped teach me about hills and intervals alongside more experienced runners. This will be vital as we get stuck into training for the marathon.

So I heartily recommend the Wednesday Club Run! See you next week?


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