What Do I Do Next?

After recovering from my 10K run at Silverstone I wasn’t sure what to do next. Was it a question of putting the Silverstone experience behind me, or continue and find a running group. I was in two minds. This was what I was thinking:

(A)  I found the training for a 10k really hard, particularly on my own. I never felt that my running was easy. It’s not that I had an injury, or anything. It was just somehow I felt my stamina and endurance wasn’t strong enough. Most times it felt like an uphill battle. I was constantly reminding myself that I’d never run distance before, and to be patient. Rome wasn’t built in a day!

(B)  I took my training quite seriously and was conscious of my diet, was there enough protein, carbs and nutrients etc. Did I want that hassle of thinking what I need to eat every day to keep my running up?

(C)  Although I didn’t find my running particularly easy, as the weeks passed-by I was aware that I was getting into a routine, I became more disciplined, more motivated, mentally and physically stronger. For my 10K I had a purpose in why I was running. I wanted to show Harry that I could run, and that being 61 is just a number.

My conclusion was an easy one. I just need a new purpose and I want to continue to run.  I know deep down that it’s good for me, and in so many ways. At some point it has to get easier, right?


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