Mentor: Alan McKinnon (a.k.a. Sgt Mack!)

This post comes from one of the Zero to Hero mentors, Sgt Mack!

Sitting here with an hour spare this morning thinking of the Zero to Hero program.

I am excited about encouraging/pushing/helping a new runner to the runner’s ultimate goal of a full marathon.
However I know that the student will be nervous/frightened/worried/concerned about their ability to actually achieve this goal. I have been a runner for many years (30+) and pushed this old body to what I thought to be its limit on more than one occasion, carrying heavy weights strapped to my back or more recently doing charity fun things or just helping others on half marathons and marathons.

I don’t see myself as a natural runner or for that matter a fast runner, but I am a determined runner; perhaps determined is not the right word, more competitive runner/person. (But mostly with just myself)

I must admit that I am nervous/frightened/worried/concerned about being a mentor just the same as the student is, but for different reasons. Can I actually motivate enough, can I train them properly, can I spare the time needed, will I even get on with the student? Will I be able to show and build their confidence?

I once spent several weeks walking/running over hills and mountains with 40kg+ on my back covering 30/40 miles each day, will not go into why, but I was with others all doing the same. I thought almost every hour I would have to give up I was so exhausted and in so much pain, but I would just look to the guys with me and think well if they can do it then so can I! They did not seem to be struggling as much as I felt that I was, however when we finally got to the end we all said much the same as I had felt, that they kept going because none of us looked like we were struggling!Mentoring can I do all this? Of course I can. Can the student do it? Too bloody right they can! Why because they are part of the Redway Runners team, from start to finish none of us Student or Mentor will be trying to do this alone.

Sgt Mack.


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