Rediscovering my running mojo

First, a confession – I’m not a novice runner. In fact I’ve been running on and off for around 7 years. I may not be fast, I may not go far and I may not even be particularly enthusiastic, but my feet have plodded over plenty of miles.

In 2012 my friend and I decided to run the Walt Disney World marathon in Florida, so we trained and we made it. It was tough – a 5.30am start in 25 degree heat – but when I crossed the finish line in 5.45 I felt invincible.

So, what could top a Disney marathon? Well, I’m still not sure.

I kept running, getting slower and slower and finding more excuses not to go. I also changed jobs and found that my lunch time runs were a thing of the past. In short, I lost my running mojo.

I know that running makes everything better for me – it helps me shake off work stress, it makes me feel happy (at least, it does when it’s over!) and it means I can eat more food without guilt (always good). But knowing and doing aren’t the same thing, and I’m hoping Z2H will help bridge that gap.

So, even though I’m not exactly a new runner, I’m starting the same journey as you – the long journey to that marathon finish line. And if I can help reassure some of you once the distances get longer then that’s a contribution I’d be glad to make.

Thanks for having me!


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