What on earth have I done? I’ve been running for a year but still consider myself a novice on the basis that I’m not getting any faster and not getting much further!! My Parkrun times, with the exception of a peak shortly after I graduated from Glenn’s beginners group, have got slower rather than faster. I joined Redway Runners at the age of 54 having not run, even for a bus, since I was 14 and hating cross country at school. Well, guess what? I love it though, until this moment of madness, have always been very vocal about not having any ambitions for running further than the club runs 😊

I did succumb to pressure in March and ran the 10k at the Festival of Running. I did the training, running 10k a number of times beforehand, but the whole experience was miserable.  My body was ready but my head thought otherwise. I’m not a stressy person but slept badly the night before, woke up feeling really sick with nerves which meant I didn’t eat, then ran out of fuel with the last 2k (uphill) to go. I vowed ‘NEVER AGAIN’!!

I think I must have been drunk when I put my application in for Z2H. There really is no other explanation for it. But interestingly, since I did my introductory sesssion, I’m really quite excited about it all. Lots of my fellow beginners and RR friends I’ve made since I started running seem reasonably impressed and tell me they believe I can do it (even though I suspect they think I am barking mad) 😜. And they may be right!

I’m hoping to catch up with my mentor Rich tomorrow and I’m looking forward to working with him to achieve my goal. Let’s hope I can get a grip of those nerves. Injuries permitting, I’m going to run a marathon – how cool will that be? 🏃😎


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