Week Two …. A week of firsts

Writing this week by week is already starting to feel a bit like The Apprentice. I am half expecting Alan Sugar to pop up and fire me!

After a lovely rest day on Saturday I joined RR for my first Sunday club run. The sky looked grey and threatening rain, the kids were dressed up as witches and pretending to turn each other into frogs and the sofa and a Netflix kids movie were calling me but instead I headed off to Stony to meet an army of green runners. I think I can confidently say this was the first longer run (GPS said 6.44 miles) I have EVER actually enjoyed so thank you to everyone that made me feel so welcome I will definitely be back for more!

Tony has set me homework this week so Tuesday’s instructions were a 3 mile run with the first 2.5 at easy pace and the final 0.5 with a bit more welly! If points are being dished out for turning up then I got those but nothing more. It was a hot day, I went out way too fast and by the time my last 0.5 mile arrived I barely had it in me to increase my pace. I did but couldn’t hold it for long and the resulting sticky sweaty mess that was me arrived home wishing I had done EXACTLY what I was told. Lesson learnt – sorry Tony!

I was having a day off from running on Wednesday but did manage to pop into the gym for some upper body work. I have very little upper body strength which is something I am trying to work on.

Thursday was the day I met my partner in crime, Constance for the first time at Tony’s for a hill session. We ran up hills, we ran down hills and we tried very hard not to be sick. We were heckled by the kids in the park and tried to mow a couple down off their bikes, all in an evening’s work! We headed back to Tony’s where he promptly put us through our paces and demonstrated our appalling core strength – the only way is up from here! Tony tried to soften the blow of his training schedule with a glass of wine, it helped but there’s no denying this is going to be tough. I am happy to have Constance and Tony by my side; we are going to make a great team!

After the hot, too fast, horrible run earlier in the week I followed Tony’s instructions to the letter and had Friday as a rest day. I nearly went to the gym for a swim but was tempted by a Wagamama’s chicken katsu curry and Jurassic World at the cinema instead!

A drizzly Saturday morning set the scene for my first ever parkrun and it was great to be joined by several other Z2H’s. Under the wing of a much more experienced Redway Runner – Niam we headed off round the course and all managed to finish smiling! Today was a special parkrun, my first ever and my mentor Tony’s 250th!!!! I doubt I will ever be reaching this milestone so I pledge to eat cake after every parkrun just for good measure!


This week has been a week of firsts for me, it’s been great fun and long may it continue!


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