My First Run with The Redway Runners

After the Zero to Hero meeting on Sunday 6th June I felt ready for anything, well almost anything! Some adventurous person at the meeting suggested our first run should be with the “step up” group, which are on Monday’s at 7pm.

Monday arrives, and before I knew it I was standing outside the David Lloyd Barriers at 6.45pm prompt. There were runners everywhere, the majority of them wearing green vests with their names on them, which I thought was pretty nifty, no excuse now in forgetting someones’s name.

I recognised a few faces from the day before, and I reintroduced myself. After chatting for a few minutes there seemed to be a common thread of “we must be mad?” Or words to that affect!

Debbie, who is one of the race organiser’s tells the group the run is approximately 2.9-miles. There are 62 people in just our group. Up until now I’d been used to running on my own, and to be honest it felt a little overwhelming being with so many other runners. I wasn’t sure where to place myself in the group, or what the protocol was, so I kinda stayed in the middle and hoped for the best.

We eventually set off at a nice, easy pace, which suited me as it takes a while for me to warm up, settle down, and find my breathing pattern. I was amazed at the number of runners talking, how do they do that and run?

Within a mile or so, the group starts to spread out, which gives one a feeling of space.

The run was relaxed and fun, scenery pretty, and oddly enough it was nice to hear people chatting, but how they do it, I’ll never know! 2.5miles in we run along Willen Lake, it was so lovely to see the swans cruising on the lake, but not so nice sliding in the mess they leave on the walk-way, yuk! I’ll be better prepared next time.

Towards the end of the run, I started to slow down, energy was lacking, but I made it to the end, and so did everyone else. According to “map my run”  distance: 4.32miles – time: 46.34. For my first run with the Redway Runners I enjoyed every moment, it felt good to be exercising with other people. I felt motivated, energised and slept like a baby that night!

Tomorrow I meet my mentor…


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