Week Three – Getting Stuck In! ………

Into week three and training is properly underway. Sunday was Father’s day but unfortunately for Toby a work day none the less ,so with Grandma visiting for the weekend I left the girls at home and headed to Caldecotte Lake to meet a couple of the other Z2H’s for a morning jog. It turned out it was a superhero marathon and also the Great Greyhound walk so we shared our 10k with several versions of superman, batman and wonder woman interspersed with some bony four legged friends and not forgetting Kick Ass. Hopefully Glynis and Sarah weren’t too annoyed by my incessantly beeping GPS and will invite me back next time – I promise I will make time to read the instructions beforehand!

I wanted to make the Monday evening social run this week but I was indulging in a guilty pleasure of mine ‘ An intimate evening with Russell Watson’ (not as saucy as it sounds I promise) at Milton Keynes theatre so I headed out early doors for a four mile loop from home. The first three miles were good; it was a lovely morning and not a soul about. There I was contemplating the day ahead and feeling smug that I was already up and running when this sudden wave of nausea washed over me, I slowed to a walk and let it passed and then tried again but the same thing. I shuffled the last mile back home feeling a bit deflated. Maybe it was just lack of sleep and the early start, I don’t know but I didn’t like how quickly I went from feeling fresh to utterly useless.

Intervals and core were on the cards for Tuesday and you could feel the nervous energy as me and Connie climbed out of the car at Tony’s waiting to see what he had in store. At the time the interval session seemed like hell on earth with my breakfast constantly threatening to make an appearance however once we got back to Tony’s for the core session the pain of the intervals paled into insignificance as Tony pulled one horrendous exercise after another out the bag. Mountain climbers, power jumps you name it we tried it. “Same time next week” says Tony ….. “err sorry I’m washing my hair!”

Wednesday was a complete rest day so on Thursday I was up bright and early and off to the David Lloyd. I played with the big boys in the “sweaty-grunty” area of the gym, a place 2 months ago I would never have dared set foot before practicing some of Tony’s torture core exercises and heading for a swim. Earlier in the week I had purchased a new sports bra from Boobydoo and thought I would try it out for the Redway Runners interval session on Thursday evening. A 600kcal burn and a marvellous Houdini impression later and I was ready to go! Ladies beware if you are buying the Shock Absorber Run Bra you WILL need to watch a YouTube video first before you can get dressed! Campbell park was the venue for intervals this week, it was hot and sticky and a tough workout but enjoyed myself and owe a special thanks to Julie for getting me to do the final lap.

After getting myself into trouble the night before with mentor Tony for overdoing it I took Friday as a rest day – swimming counts as resting right? To finish to the week I headed down to the Parkrun. Luckily Doug saw me looking lost and lonely and found me a buddy to run with. I owe a lot to Paul for getting me round still smiling and knocking a massive 2 minutes of my PB coming in at 23:55 a great way to finish the week!



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