The Day I Met My Mentor!

The day I met my mentor Sgt.Mack I decided not to run, as I had run further than I normally do the night before. Mack suggested I cycle and he runs, great idea I thought!

We met outside the David Lloyd Centre at 9am prompt. We introduced ourselves, while Mack warmed up. Five-minutes later we set off, and at a pace I was definitely not used too. What happened to a nice jog to begin with?I thought it would be a breeze cycling, while Mack ran, but man I was having to pedal to keep up with him.

Not only did he make running look easy, but he also was able to hold a conversation with me. As you know from my previous posts I’m in awe that runners can do that. I’ve yet to develop the knack, and maybe never will!

One lap around Willen Lake, and 18-minutes later we arrive back at the David Lloyd Centre, wow!! I cycle back home thinking how did he do that!

My journey continues….


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