I’m a Little Behind!

I’ve got a little behind in my blog, sorry! Work seems to be getting in the way of my training.

I ran for a second time with the step-up group back in early June, and I can honestly say I enjoyed every step (excuse the pun!). It was fun, and I felt good, I even managed a sprint at the end with Joanne Obee – I must be getting fitter and stronger!

Middle of June I met up with my mentor Sgt.Mack for the second time. Natalie Smart who is my new running buddy was also there for her first time. Mack suggested we run for 45-minutes around Willen Lake, just to see how we get on. It was a warm morning, with clear blue skies, and with a much welcomed breeze off the lake.

Natalie did amazing, it was her first long run, and not once did she stop. I ran just ahead of her, with a comfortable pace for me. I felt really good, thinking that so far my training was going well, and how nice it will be to have a running buddy.

Four day’s later I did a solo run around Caldecotte Lake. My running felt comfortable, and dare I say it, relatively easy! How things can change in a blink of an eye. On my way home I started to feel a pulling sensation in my right heel. I stopped to walk, but that seemed to aggravate it, so I gently jogged back home. Once home I stretched, iced and massaged it. Thinking “oh it’ll be fine.”

The following day when I hopped out of bed, I was surprised to find my heel quite sore and tender. For the next 4/5 days I iced, massaged and stretched it, twice a day. I knew it would be best if I kept off it.

After about a week of rest, I thought I’d try with a very small run, but after about 10-minutes I had to stop, it was too tender. This is not looking good I thought, so I contacted Feng Yu, a massage therapist. I booked in for a full-body massage, which I thought was going to be heavenly, but how wrong could I be. She mentioned that my calves were very tight, and so was my lower and upper back. Just a walking wreck really!

On my way home I was starting to think that maybe running is not for me, which lasted all of 30-seconds. |When I got home I started to search on the internet “how to heal achilles tendonitis.” Watch this space folks!!!

“Just because something isn’t happening for you right now, doesn’t mean that it will never happen”


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