I’m Back in The Race!

I’ve not run in over 3.5 weeks, but that hasn’t stopped me in meeting up with the Zero to Hero group. For the last two weeks I’ve tail-biked for the social group, and what a great experience it was! It was interesting watching the runners in how they run; some run on their toes, or on their heels, and others run from heel to toe. This got my attention, because of my own injury, but it did get me thinking about what part of my foot lands first.

Last Wednesday I ran with Natalie and Sgt.Mack for approximately 10-minutes around Campbell Park. I was hoping the run  would feel OK, but my achilles just didn’t feel right, and I certainly couldn’t have run for longer than 10-minutes. I felt I was already pushing my luck! Thankfully Natalie was happy to do that short distance as she had done a long run the day before.

The following day my achilles was a little sore, but better than I thought it would be. On Thursday’s I travel to Wimbledon for work, and on my way home I had got caught up in traffic on the M1. By the time I got home I felt I needed to do something physical; housework just didn’t cut it for me, or mowing the grass, so I thought I’d take a chance and meet up with the 6pm beginners group. Glenn had mentioned that the group were running for 5-minutes and walking for 5-minutes. I thought surely I can do that! Before we started Glenn took us through a series of warm-up stretches, that got us all in the mood, and then we were off running.

The first 5-minutes of the run felt good. But the more we walked and run, the more my achilles complained. I backed off and took it very easy. We got back to base and Glenn took us through a series of cool-down stretches. I really, really enjoyed the session, and look forward to running with them, hopefully in the very near future.

Over the last 3.5 weeks I feel I’ve been really patient with my injury. I’ve cycled, run in deep water, religiously iced, self-massaged and done my strengthening exercises, not once a day, but 2 or 3 times a day. I also visited Campbell Noon last week for a sports massage, which was “ow and ahh” at the same time, but afterwards my legs felt amazing! Surely my achilles has to be getting better?

There was only one way to find out. Today I walked to Woughton Park in my crocs. I wanted to experiment with something! Every time I’ve run in my new balance running shoes, my right heel throbs. However, today I walked and jogged in my crocs – yes that’s right in my crocs, gasp! There was no pain, and my heel felt amazing. Oh and by the way I was conscious that when I jogged my heel lands first.

When I got home, and for the first time in 3.5 weeks my heel felt free, and even 4-hours later my heel felt amazing.

My achilles is still not 100% as I tried hopping on my poorly foot, which was near impossible to do. But, hey the fact that I attempted to do that say’s my achilles is getting a little stronger. I still need to be patient though, and not push it. But, I’m back in the Zero to Hero race and feeling more confident that I will get to run the 10K in September!

Just so you know – I won’t be running in my crocs! Campbell Noon mentioned I visit the running shop in Northampton. Carl who is the owner, is a podiatrist and specialises in finding the right running shoes for people just like me, with quirky feet! I hope to pick up my new Brooks running shoes this coming Saturday….very exciting!


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