A Step in The Right Direction!

I was at the MK Park-Run last Saturday watching my son run his first park-run. The initial plan was for he and I to run it together, which we had been planning for weeks, but it just wasn’t to be this time round. I’m still rehabbing my achilles, and as much as I would have loved to have run with my son, it would have put me further back in my healing journey.

I hadn’t realised how big an event it was, there were over 420-runners, and depending on the time of the year there can be up to 600 runners! I loved seeing the RR green vests, and even recognised some of the Zero to Hero runners, who I cheered on with vigour, clapping and shouting their names.


It was such fun watching the children, families and friends run together. There were dad’s and mum’s pushing children in buggies, young children running alongside a parent, there were women running together encouraging each other, and then of course there were the guys who were there to win. In my eyes all the runners were winners. What an inspirational morning, it was enough to get anyone running!

If I dig deep enough I did feel a little despondent on that day in how long it’s taking for my injury to heal, which also got me thinking will I be fit enough for the 10k race in September. But, you know what I’m doing all the right things and “what will be, will be.”

I’m presently running for 10-minutes and walking for 20-minutes. It’s a step (excuse the pun!) in the right direction. I’m still massaging and icing my heel, and it’s definitely better than it was, but I’ve still got a long way to go. Hopefully by the end of August I’ll be able to take part in the park-run with my son Alex, and my daughter-in-law Carly, and fingers crossed run the 10k in September with the other Zero to Hero runners.

Onwards and upwards…


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