Week Six – Trying to be sensible …….

This week started with a hangover and a sore foot! Both of which were self inflicted. I maybe overdid the enthusiasm smashing my PB at the parkrun on Saturday and followed up by a weekend drunkenly stumbling around Birmingham in very inappropriate footwear!

I don’t know how we did it but me and Toby managed to squeeze in a gym session on Sunday evening, I stayed off my feet and concentrated on upper body and floor work before trying to sweat the rest of the alcohol out of my system in the sauna.

Not wanting to have too long a break from running I cautiously ventured to the Monday night social run which was a new one for me. It was lovely to have some good company, the Achilles felt okay but I was definitely aware that something was not quite right.

By Tuesday morning it was apparent there was a problem. We’re not talking unable to walk / excruciating pain but a throbbing sensation and tender to touch and stretch. I booked myself straight into Body Limits on Thursday to have it looked at and went on my way for intervals and core. The foot was fine whilst running but as soon as I slowed or stopped the pain returned. Coupled with my ‘gammy hip / tight ITB’ I was like a rusty old car that couldn’t get started on a cold morning! I returned home and the evening just continued to get worse, the girls played up to their maximum potential at bedtime, new tenants were giving me grief and by nine o’clock the aforementioned along the prospect of an injury that was going to limit by running had me literally sobbing on the sofa.

I headed back to the gym on Wednesday and had another good upper body workout followed by a swim and some time to reflect, hoping I could convince myself that not being able to run for a while wouldn’t be all bad.

Thursday I saw Martin at Body Limits and instantly felt in safe hands. I have seen several massage therapists in my time some good some not so good and this guy certainly gets my vote. I was given the advice I knew was coming but that to be perfectly honest I didn’t want to hear “rest”. The good news is I have caught it early and hopefully with a bit of R and R it will be fine.

I am not going to lie part of me wants to sit here and type that everything is grand and I am relishing the opportunity to rest from running and focus on some cross training but right here and now I am feeling a little bit bitter that just as I had found something I was really enjoying and getting better at something has put a dampener on it especially as I was so looking forward to that Salcey Forest sunday run!

Still these things are sent to try us and I am sure by next week I will be my old chipper self!




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