Week Seven – I will Survive ……..

As many of you may be aware I was a little glum at the tail end of last week. Having injured my Achilles and needing to take a break from running  I was feeling desperately sorry for myself.

When I embarked on the Z2H challenge one of the first things I did was to purchase the ‘Believe – Training Journal’. It’s a handy diary / journal for logging training and setting goals and is interspersed with useful articles, hints and tips. I decided that this may be a good time to explore the section marked ‘setbacks’. Now, the article written by Lauren Fleshman reliably informs me that it is important to acknowledge disappointment before moving forward. I think we can all agree  I HAVE ACKNOWLEDGED DISAPPOINTMENT! It then goes on to say that we must not dwell in misery so there shall be no more negative thoughts surrounding the duff foot going forward just a plan of action for the future.

With the foot still requiring rest I have been back in the gym doing plenty of upper body and core interspersed with a bit of swimming (I am very much a bob along breaststroke don’t let the water near my eyes kind of girl)!

To fill my time I have assigned myself two goals, one is going to be significantly harder than the other.

  1. To complete five unassisted fully extended pull ups
  2. To attend a group exercise class

Hopefully number two won’t take too long to cross off the list (I am hoping to recruit some of the Z2H David Lloyd goers for this task) but given my current strength I will be working on the first one for a while to come!

By Tuesday the foot had had a complete week of rest and there was no pain or restricted range of motion. I ventured out for a very slow and steady two miles. It felt slightly uncomfortable to begin with, probably more to do with my nerves but once warmed up all was ok, that is until I got home. Over the course of the day the pain returned so looks like I wasn’t quite ready for it.

I rested the foot again and took my Z2H companion to the gym it an attempt to kill her off before Saturday’s parkrun (it didn’t work we both just ended up with sore legs)! The rest of the week was more resting before catching up with the Z2H group on Saturday morning.

Despite several of us having run the parkrun before there was a definite nervous energy in the air. After the obligatory group photo and some warm ups we were off. The Achilles appeared to behave itself (a little niggly but nothing major) and the run was topped off seeing Connie get her PB with a super speedy finish. Amazing effort well done Con, this girls going to be fabulous!


The high spirits, support and encouragement of the Redway Runners out in green was amazing and I am one happy lady to be part of this!


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