Week Eight – Sink or Swim?

This week has been emotional and not very running focused! Up until now my enthusiasm levels have been sky high, running has been the most important factor and my weeks have been organised around which runs need to take place and when. Having eased back on the pace to allow my Achilles to hopefully repair fitted in perfectly with Toby’s summer annual leave. Yes, we knew we had a fair amount of work to do on the rental houses but we were hoping for a few days away by the sea with the kids.

Remember the noise that’s sounded when you got an incorrect answer on Family Fortunes followed by a big yellow cross? That’s what happened to our holiday plans this week when a mountain of work landed on both mine and Toby’s desks. Don’t get me wrong it’s all good but not quite the week we were expecting.


Having rested Sunday after the first milestone parkrun last Saturday Toby made his Redway Runners debut with me at the social run on Monday evening. It was great to see lots of other Z2H’s along the way. Needless to say I didn’t manage to keep up with him, hopefully he will give me chance too by coming again, we shall see!

In amongst the chaos of the week we have also welcomed three beautiful baby girls into the world. Twins for Toby’s friends Liam and Helena and the gorgeous Quinn, daughter of Ashleigh who continues to rock my world even though she insists on living so far away!

I have managed to squeeze in a couple of runs, three and five miles. The foot is still ropey but seems to be coping so I will be taking it easy for the next few weeks, surviving at work and you never know, maybe fitting in that trip to the sea before the summer holidays are over!

I am in this for the long haul so I guess I have to accept that sometimes work is going to get in the way. Stress not about the missed training and move on!





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