Week Nine – We are what we eat!

It was approximately 10 years ago (grey hair alert) that I graduated from University with a degree in Nutrition. That’s ten years I have had (3650 days!!) to still not perfect a consistently good diet. Like most people I have peaks and troughs which can easily be categorised as follows:

  1. Trying really hard to eat well and totally limit intake of ‘bad’ foods. Toby refers to this whilst rolling his eyes as “your nuts and berries thing” even though I am not sure nuts and berries feature it sums up periods when I am very focused on what I am and am not eating
  2. Really not paying any attention to what I eat, craving and satisfying the bad food cravings and eating far too much takeaway and processed rubbish.
  3. The happy medium, my own version of mainly ‘clean’ eating with the occasional treat to keep me sane.

This week has most definitely been category two – takeaway and rubbish overload. I would like to blame this entirely on workload and stress levels, meals have certainly not been top priority but it’s not really excusable. Since we moved out to Northamptonshire from Essex four years ago I have constantly apologised for the state of my house and told myself, friends old and new and family that “soon I will have more time”, I am starting to realise this is never going to happen, the nature of our work and family life means one time consuming activity is constantly replaced with another. If I want something to happen I need to actually make changes and prioritise. So, as of next week Toby will be really please to know that operation EAT WELL is commencing. Never fear it’s not nuts and berries time but there will not be a takeaway in sight!

In terms of training this week it’s all been very mediocre. I haven’t been in the gym much, I don’t think lounging round the pool in the sunshine with the kids counts so I won’t even try to pretend. I have stuck to my training plan mileage, roped Toby and our four legged friend Ted in for a swelteringly hot 10K on Sunday to start the week and followed up with two 5 milers, one with my Tweedle Dee Connie and one with only the company of my iPod. All three runs felt tough this week and although the Achilles isn’t fixed it doesn’t appear to be getting worse so I hoping for a lovely Sunday club run to start next week and get me in the mood for this healthy eating lark!

I finished off the week with a core session at home. You know you need a reality check when you find yourself working out in front of the TV with the kids in tow on a Saturday morning. A five and nearly three year old really aren’t the best recipe for a decent workout however they nicely demonstrate the importance of foam rolling! …….



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