Week Ten – Moving on Up!

So this week we took training to a new level by trying out the 90 minute Sunday club run – what a treat! It amazes me how I can run for 90 minutes, cover over 8 miles and have absolutely no idea where I am for at least 80% of the time! It was lovely to be joined by some of the other Z2H’s making the milestone all the more bearable, thanks Ladies!

Joining such a big group of more experienced runners is a great way to learn tips, tricks, do’s and don’ts for longer runs. This week we have learnt the following:

– DO make sure your socks are on the right feet (R = Right, L = Left – it’s basic stuff)

– DO check your trousers are on the correct way before heading out. Wearing them inside out is not a fashion statement and makes pocket access pretty tricky!

– DO remember to bring water for a long run. Even better charm the lovely tail biker so he carries it for you!

= DONT assume eating an energy gel from a packet whilst running will be simple!

It’s clear we have a lot more practicing to do but luckily there will be plenty more Sunday runs to iron out our inadequacies.

I realise I am not going to get away without mentioning my diet this week. Sunday morning started perfectly with porridge and banana but as the week went on  it definitely wasn’t the overhaul I was aiming for and there was certainly at least one Nigella style evening fridge raid. This was however solely the fault of my lovely neighbour who left me the most amazing carrot cake in the world to get through and I accept no responsibility! It was an improvement on last week though so we are moving in the right direction.


This week was my partner in crime Tweedle Dee’s Birthday with double celebrations as after a couple of duff run’s it appears Connie got her running mojo back after a lovely 6+ mile run in the rain on Tuesday!

6am Thursday saw the start of a speedy 5 miler for me, getting back home in 42:25. This was my first faster run since hurting my Achilles. It’s been a bit achy since but all in all feeling positive!

With Grandad helpfully occupying the girls with a trip to the ducks on Saturday morning I finished up my  training week with a core workout up at the gym.  Reading my training plan for the next few weeks is a little daunting seeing the mileage starting to increase however I am confident with the support of the club everything will be fine!




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