Week Eleven – Getting it Together!

This week has been a busy one with several highlights. Sunday started with a 6 mile jog along the canal to Stoke Bruerne. This has become one of my regular routes which I enjoy mainly as it is flat, not a loop and the smiling faces of my children are always waiting to great me at the other end!

Tuesday was Emily’s “number three birthday”, she loves the superhero outfit that Grandma brought for her along with her long awaited ‘pink and orange’ running shoes! She may be a bit little for junior parkrun but it won’t be long!


It was great to get together with some of the other Z2H’s for Stuart’s training session on Wednesday, there were lots of laughs and definitely some food for thought with regards to running technique.

Thursday was definitely NOT a highlight of my week and Connie will testify I was a massive grump! 7 miles and I felt every step of it! To say I wasn’t feeling the love would be an understatement but we got through it and moved on! (I moved on to the Cinema where I promptly fell asleep half way through a strange film about aliens and a talking dog!)

Trying to break the record for the most consecutive evenings I can spend with running partner Connie we headed up to the gym on Friday for some core. Did we do some core Connie? I’m not sure, but we certainly had a giggle, a (cold) swim and decided that it is not grammatically correct for something to have “glew in the dark”!

I finished the week with a hot sweaty parkrun and a birthday party for the little one! Happy Days!



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