Week Twelve – It will end …..

“It will end” … “It will end” was the chanting occurring in my head on Tuesday evening as myself and Connie scaled the second hill of the evening during the course of our 9 mile run. That’s right folks nine whole miles, our longest run to date. There were cheesy fingers, numb toes, ab cramps and a very steep descent but these smiley happy (slightly damp) faces show it was all worth it!


Having started this week with the Sunday club run feeling decidedly mediocre (nothing to do with the route or company I might add) reaching this milestone on Tuesday was a welcome ray of sunshine even though I am still grumping about my lack of Garmin Fanfare – I swear if I don’t get one in May after finishing the marathon I am writing to complain!

Having got two decent long runs in already at the start of the week plus a core session at the gym on Monday all that was left for the rest of the training week was a 3 miler and Saturdays parkrun.

Knowing in the back of my mind I was aiming for a PB on Saturday I didn’t want to race my 3 mile run on Thursday so decided in advance I would try out some of Stuart’s running techniques from last week’s group session. With this is mind I headed out off road (less people to laugh and me kicking ass on the way round). It was an interesting run, felt surprisingly tough and left me wondering how I can do a nine mile one day and then feel terrible completing just three only days later.

Parkrun Saturday and lovely to see some of the other Z2H’s even if Connie ditched me for a lay in. The course felt tough, really tough and I had literally no sprint finish in me however crossed the finish, glanced at the Garmin and elated to see 22:44 as my finish time. Official Parkrun time said 22:47 either way I am one happy lady!



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