Week Thirteen – Looking Back!

I was scrolling though my camera album on my phone this week when I came across the image below. This was a photo I sent to Toby one evening exactly six months ago, showing him my running kit ready for the morning. I think his response was something along the lines of “LOL let’s see if you actually get up in the morning”!


Well I believe I did, it wasn’t far and it wasn’t pretty but over the next few weeks I got out more and more and by the end of March we had joined the gym. I learned of the Redway Runners and of the proposed Zero to Hero programme and the rest as they say is history!

Since that first run I have vastly improved my 5k from, well, not being able to run 5k, to 37 minutes in those early days to 22:47 at the latest parkrun. I have met so many lovely people and most of all I am having fun!

This week on Sunday a few zero’s got together for a long run. On the way out we discussed various disaster scenarios from being struck by lightning, ‘death by bumblebee’ and bridge collapse. Fortunately there was nothing quite so dramatic and we all made it back in one piece (with a minor detour as we got a tiny bit lost).

Monday was Martin’s muddy bank holiday run. I think my abs got more of a workout from giggling so much on the way round. It was a brilliant run although I have to confess my wet stinky trainers are still loitering around somewhere oooops!

My aim for this week was to get to the gym a bit more as I have been a bit absent over the last few weeks. I made it on Friday night (I know, how rock and roll) but had to settle for a workout at home to finish the week!

Still there is always next week, let see what it brings!



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