Week Fifteen – The show must go on!

This week has been fairly disastrous by all accounts. After a good run at the Willen 6 on Saturday I skipped my normal Sunday run and headed to the gym instead followed by the club run on Monday night. So far so good, pace felt faster than it really was but nothing to write home (or blog) about!

Needing to fit in a longer run I decided to try the Tuesday morning club run. With the exception of the company it was awful from start to finish. I definitely went out to fast and paid for it later. Still, 8 miles under my belt and lesson learnt (hopefully).

The rest of the week followed a general pattern of grumpiness, overtired children and mediocre workouts. On the bright side (wait for the pun) ….. I brought myself a head torch, now you will be able to see me coming and promptly run, walk, shuffle or drive in the opposite direction. As I am sure you will agree it looks much better modelled on Mr Grumpy than me but will soon be coming to a forehead near you.


Trying to lift my spirits I brought myself the latest Runners World to enjoy with a cuppa and a piece of cake (oh the irony). Therein was an article about motivation and mantra’s for running with several examples one of which I have modified to use on Sunday for our 10k graduation run at Caldecotte.

Fit Fast Strong

It will either work and get me the sub 50 I really want or it won’t and a suitably fitting alternative will be chanted on the drive home (I will leave you to figure it out!)



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