Revelations on the road to the marathon

They do say that you find out a lot about yourself when you run a marathon. Well I’ve certainly started to realise that being part of this roller coaster that is Zero to Hero is a voyage of discovery.

Firstly, I’ve discovered that I’m not a morning runner. I’ve never been a morning person anyway (David will testify to that!) and this is now having an impact on my running. I find it difficult to eat first thing and that, combined with the nerves about running, means the petrol light is on before I even start! Very quickly I find I’m running on empty. Sgt Mack has given me some techniques to calm the nerves and I’m seeing the benefit of those so I just need to sort out my morning running tactics. Shot Bloks and a fantastic running buddy (see secondly) got me round today.

Secondly, it helps enormously to find a running buddy. Steph Dutton and I find we are suitably matched when it comes to pace. We had a great run last Saturday at the Willen 6 (an afternoon race) and kept each other going the whole way round. We don’t (can’t šŸ˜›) talk much but we are there for each other and she was a superstar today when I really struggled.

Thirdly, I’ve accepted that everyone is different. We are all part of this challenge for different reasons, we are all ages and abilities and we all have different running strategies. And that’s okay! At the 10k race today there were runners doing their first 10k, others who have run a number already and who had aspirations for a PB, and those of us who just wanted to get round in one piece! Some of our zeros are progressing fantastically well and I’ve realised that it’s okay that I’m not as fast or as fit as they are šŸ˜. I’m doing fine and progressing well and I have no doubt, provided I don’t injure myself, that I will cross the line on 13 December along with (though probably after šŸ˜‰) everyone else. Hopefully all my fellow zeros will do that too and for those of you who run much quicker than me, mine’s a gin and tonic!

You’ll notice that I talk about December and not May. I’m proud of myself and my fellow zeros for passing our latest milestone and I’ll now concentrate on the next one. One step at a time is the philosophy that I’ll apply to the next target and the run up to it. My mentor Rich has given me a steer towards my training and I’ll work on increasing my mileage in preparation for the 13 miler, hopefully with the help of my buddy too.

As my buddy keeps telling me “it’s not about the speed we run, it’s about the journey”. Thanks Steph.


One thought on “Revelations on the road to the marathon

  1. You were awesome today Julie, you gave everything and more! As our training intensifies our journey will challenge us in so many ways, and I look forward to sharing that path with you and the Zero to Hero runners. Together we can do this!

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