Week Sixteen – No Running ….. Are you sure?

This week started on a high and surrounded by Paul’s. Our 10K graduation run had arrived and thanks to my need to publicise my whole life on my blog these days, most people knew I was aiming for a sub 50. I had recruited a secret weapon earlier in the week in the form of ‘Pacer Paul’ who dragged (almost literally) me to victory in 48:08. I definitely owe him a beer along with my fellow zero Paul and his mentor Paul (see what I mean about the Paul’s) for encouraging me along route!

Caldecotte 10k

Now 10K graduation over and mentor Tony says we have a week off. A week off, really?? No running?? I am not sure about this. I understand the theory and the need to let my body recover but the thought of not running actually terrifies me. I don’t ever want to have that first run feeling again!

So, following Tony’s instructions Tweedle suggests a gym class and books us in to “Core Stability”.  If you score points for turning up we got those and my abs were definitely worked by way of giggling too much. There wasn’t even a ‘back of the class’ to hide at as we all merrily sat in a circle with our ‘big balls’ and proceeded to determine how to embarrass ourselves for a solid 30 minutes. Will I go back – yes, will I be any better, I hope so!

The tweedle duo headed back to the gym on Wednesday where Toby described us as “the noisiest people in here”. Did we do a great workout? … probably not but something’s better than nothing!

Thursday saw the arrival of my new XC trail shoes. Having been talked into signing up for the league what better way to prepare than buying new kit! I think Toby has just about recovered from his heart attack at seeing the bank statements! I have no expectations for XC apart from the fact I am going to get wet and muddy but am looking forward to the challenge.

Finding it difficult to not run at all for a whole week me and tweedle snuck out like naughty school children and joined Doug’s intervals on Peace Pagoda hill. There was something eerie about being stood halfway up a hill in the dark and definitely highlighted the need for a head torch next week.

I managed to avoid running for the rest of the week and used the extra time to plan my training schedule for the next few weeks. I am now booked in to the Great South Run in October and the Dirt Half in November. Fitting all this in is becoming increasingly difficult as the mileage increases so I am hoping to be super organised. Woe be the one that tries to mess with my colour coded schedule!



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