Distance -v- Pace

Last Sunday I went for a run in my home-town Chester. It was a beautiful, crisp morning, perfect for running along the towpath. The same towpath I used to walk along with my sister to get to school. Nothing has changed, apart from it’s all looking a little older, a bit like me! Was it really 50-years ago!

Two days prior to last Sunday I ran with my son along the Redway at a pace I’m just not used too – 4-miles in 40-mins and 53-secs. My poor heart and muscles were in over-drive!

Anyhow getting back to last Sunday. The first three-miles of my run felt really good, and surprisingly so! Quit while you’re ahead I thought! But oh no I had to push myself and run the 3-miles back to my brother’s home. Had I stopped on mile-3 everything would have been hunky-dory! Hindsight is a wonderful thing!

After the run I felt fine, a few niggles, but nothing was hurting, that was until I stepped out of the shower and found I could barely walk. Now what? My left hip had locked up, and it felt sore.  Even though I had stretched after the run, it needed something else to relax the muscle. A glass of wine maybe? Instead I massaged it, and took 2 paracetamol.

Now, did I pull a muscle because I was running on uneven ground, or was it because my muscles were tired from a fast pace run from 2-days before, or is it that I need to strengthen my legs, my glutes and core? I think it’s a combination of them all, plus I’m no spring chicken!

Either way it’s part of my learning curve, and understanding what my body can, and cannot take during my training.  I’m conscious when I do too much, too soon, my body complains, and I need to respect that.

On Thursday of this week I went for a gentle run just to test out how my hip felt. It was a little stiff, but I don’t think the running did it any harm. However, just to make sure I visited Campbell Noon that afternoon for a MOT.

Today I ran the MK Parkfun 5k. My legs felt amazing, no pain, no niggles. But, there was some discomfort, deep within my left buttock, not enough though to stop me and walk. I took my time and enjoyed the ride. According to my watch my run was a PB. Go figure!

After the park run I now want to take part in the Sunday club run. I’m eager to try, but I’m not sure its a wise move for me, so I will rest instead. I need to find a balance of how far I can go in distance without injuring myself, and at a pace that my body is comfortable with. In my head I can do it all, but my body at times has other plans.

I’m on this Marathon journey because I want to be. I want to prove to myself that I can challenge my body comfortably each week, but not punish it to the point where it breaks down, because I’m not listening to it.

It’s all about finding a balance!


One thought on “Distance -v- Pace

  1. I couldn’t agree more about listening to your body. I sometimes really struggle, particularly after a longer run but just think about how far we’ve come already. Your training will be just fine and we will both cross that half marathon line in December. We probably will need a few days off afterwards and that glass of wine!!


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