Week Seventeen – Celebrations and Disappointment!

Picture the scene ….. it’s Sunday morning, a time for relaxing on the sofa, drinking tea and pondering what time it becomes socially unacceptable to still be in your dressing gown however there appears to be a war taking place, something concerning who ate the last apricot wheats and whether Tiny Pop or CBeebies should be on the TV. The only escape these days seems to be to slip on the new XC trainers and head along the canal for five miles. Luckily by the time the small people arrive to collect me they are more interested in the pound coin they have managed to con Grandad out of and the tiny bit of chocolate they’ve half inched from the side of his coffee cup!

I decided to brave the Tuesday morning club run again this week. Although it was still tough there was a lot less head down shuffling than the last time and I managed to cover 7.5 miles at 9.12 pace. I love daytime running especially since I pretty much have no idea where we are for 95% of the run. It’s like a magical mystery tour of Milton Keynes and then I suddenly catch a glimpse of the back end of Gulliver’s Land and send up a little prayer of thanks knowing I have made it to the end!

As a lot of running people will know (as well as those intoxicated enough to enter even though they don’t run) this week was the VLM ballot results. I won’t name names but there was certainly more than one person in the village this week chasing the poor post lady along her round waiting to see if they would BEE happy or sob into their Spiderman magazine with a family sized bar of chocolate. This year I wasn’t even the later with only a ‘no thanks’ email to show. Although I am gutted it takes any decision making away and I couldn’t be happier to be running my first ever marathon with my gorgeous Zero’s.


Gym attendance this week has been abysmal (I’m so glad spell check exists)! Of course I have the standard excuses prepared ready:

The dog ate my trainers

The kids were sick in my hair

The wheels fell off the car

The gym was shut

In fact none of the above are true I have just been lazy and will be back in action next week.

I joined the Thursday social run for the first time this week bagging 6.2 miles with average 8.57 min/mile (they are a speedy lot!!) Great run and good company making running in the dark that little bit more bearable!

This week also sees me and Toby celebrate our ten year anniversary (collective ahhhhhhh if you will). I think he is starting to regret encouraging me to run as it’s pretty much all I do these days but I reckon I have covered more miles since starting this journey than I have in the last ten years and hopefully he will be proud when I cross the finish line in May. He hasn’t opened his present yet but I know he has massive concerns I have brought him running trainers! (I thought his n hers would be romantic?!?) …..



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