Week Eighteen – RunTime FunTime!

Skipping straight to the end of the week which saw the first of the Chiltern League Cross Country races and stepping out of the car was a little like going back in time, suddenly I was 10 again and remembering everything I hated about the sport! Luckily these initial few moments bore the only resemblance to my youth and a fun filled slightly soggy afternoon was had by all. Dare I say I am almost looking forward to the next one especially if Tweedle is treating me to M&S Sarnie’s every time (this is not the kind of student diet I remember)!!


Earlier in the week also marked my longest run to date managing to break the 10 mile marker with a quick costume change in a bush and not a drop of beer sick in sight.

It has been great this week to see lots of other Zero’s, at the Sunday Run and Stuart’s paced 10K session. Obviously a fantastic pattern is emerging, we meet, we run, we find the nearest pub! Long may this continue and hopefully we can get a good crowd for the Beer Festival next week. Who’s in?


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