Week Nineteen – Tissue Time!

This week is a bit of a sorry tale of woe as a slightly niggly sore foot from XC on Saturday evolved into someone stealing my fairly normal looking foot and replacing it with one that even an elephant would consider swollen.

On reflection the ten mile run along the towpath with the pain in my foot gradually increasing was probably a fairly good indicator that I should stop but hindsight is a wonderful thing.

A quick “Dr Google” analysis left me feeling mortified so I booked in to see Campbell Noon who confirmed yes, either a stress fracture or tendon damage to the top of the foot.

As the week has progressed the swelling has subsided and range of motion has increased so I am feeling hopefully. I have been following Campbell’s instructions to the letter with ice and self-massage 3-4 times a day.

I am hoping to try a run early next week to test the waters as the Great South Run looms next weekend however only time will tell whether I will be waiting on the start line!

Luckily I have some fantastic support around me providing tea, cake, sympathy and all the peanut butter goodies in the world, I would be lost without you Zero’s.


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