Facing my Fears!

Yesterday I faced my fears and ran with the Sunday group for the first time since I joined the Zero to Hero’s. Up until yesterday (Sunday 18th October) I had recently reached a time of running for 1-hour and 15-minutes, which I was thrilled with. Now I’m jumping out of my comfort zone to face a 1-hour and 40-minute run, which just seemed so daunting.  So what were my fears? (a) that I would hold everyone up, (b) that it would be too far and I would have to walk, (C) I would lose confidence, (d) that I would injure myself and put myself further back in training.

Oh my how wrong could I be! I am over the moon that I faced my fears, and made myself run with the club. I got to the meet place in Newport Pagnell early, met a guy called Chris, met up with Aimee Purnell Willett, Debbie and Niam who were all super friendly. Before I knew it, we were off and running through beautiful countryside, the weather was just perfect! I soon settled into a nice pace, and was feeling rather chuffed that I had made the effort to do this. I felt good!

The run was more like a cross country run, we ran through farmland, along the hedge ways, up and down rocky tracks, feet plodding through muddy fields, and winding our way through woods of colour – it was awesome! Not once did I feel on my own, people were always asking “you OK, c’mom Steph you can do it.” With that kind of encouragement I started to believe “I could do it, and I did!” Sgt.Mack you would have been proud of me, the only time I checked my watch was when it vibrated to tell me what lap I was on, other than that I was definitely in the moment.

As we head for home, the last 1/2mile I was starting to struggle, not with my stamina but physically. Two-weeks ago I pulled a muscle in my glutes, and it was just starting to complain, making my running a little stiff and very slow. Without the tail-runner I think I may have stopped and walked the rest of the way. So glad I didn’t! Distance 8.20-miles – can’t believe it!

Thank you Martin for a really interesting and varied countryside run – loved it! Thank you also to all the RR’s for the encouragement, which means so much as a new runner. I can do it, right? Just off now to buy a pair of xc trainers!!!

redway runners1


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