Week Twenty – Appreciating what you have

This week is all about appreciating what you have instead of dwelling on what you don’t (in my case two fully functional unbroken feet)! So this week I am thankful for the following:

The amazing Zero 2 Hero friendships that have formed so far, so many of you have checked in on me this week with offers of food, alcohol and non-running related shenanigans and ensured I haven’t turned into a rocking recluse.

My beautiful children who ask me every morning, “is your foot better now mummy?” and continually remind me that I look funny limping on the school run!

Campbell Noon – I wouldn’t think it was possible to be thankful for someone able to inflict such great pain in a such a short amount of time but Campbell has kept me from despair and given me hope that everything will be ok.

The Gym – Despite being in the middle of massive renovations and being somewhat lacking in my favourite Sauna and Jacuzzi facilities it’s doing a great job of making sure I don’t wallow and develop that double chin!

and this bloke …..  (not sure who he is, I picked him up in a bar!). This weekend I should have been running the Great South Run but instead I am enjoying a naughty weekend away from the girls with a few cheeky drinks!



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