Week Twenty Four – Yo Yo Yo

Not Ho Ho Ho but Yo Yo Yo this week and for two main reasons; Firstly, despite what all the supermarkets will have you believe it is NOT nearly Christmas. Accepting that it is means I am grossly unprepared for the big day and also that the MK Winter Half is fast approaching and secondly because this week has been spent with totally mixed emotions about the foot!

It all started so positively with an almost eight mile run with some of my much missed zero’s. We had a lovely jaunt following sections of the winter half route and the foot held up well. I almost skipped home with happiness at being back out there thinking if I can do 8 miles’ pain free and still have 4 weeks we could be on!

Monday was the long awaited day that left foot was finally going to be X-Rayed. It was absolutely fine from Sunday’s run so much so that I contemplated cancelling the appointment. Alas I figured it would be good to find out once and for all so off I went. I have to hand it to MK Hospital I was parked, registered in and out within the free 15 minute parking allowance. 15 minutes … that’s all it took to convey my greatest fears “yes there is clear evidence of a stress fracture”. The rest of Monday was spent with a fair about of irrational sobbing.

Feeling brighter the next day I decided to just continue as I had been, slowly increasing the duration and intensity of my running with a view to stopping if there is any pain. So far I have completed a further 6 and 7 mile run with sections close to my pre-injury pace.

20151120_102951 (2)

So what does any of this mean for the Winter Half? …. Who knows. I remain hopeful that over the next two weeks I can get my mileage up to 11/12 without pain I can hopefully give it a shot on the day! If I can survive the half marathon we should be game on for some serious marathon training over the next few months!

The week ended with some great new friends and far too much wine! Long may it continue, Tweedle has certainly ordered enough curry to see us through the next few drinking sessions. I am not sure Stony will welcome us back though!



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