Week Twenty Five – Baby it’s cold outside!

We kicked off this week with a fantastically freezing 11 miles with the Sunday Club Run. 3 weeks ago I would never even have dreamt this would have been a possibility but with the support of the club and my zero’s I made it to the end with the foot behaving itself.

My GP wasn’t too impressed when she looked at my X-Ray Monday and followed through with the phrase “are you running on this”? Awkward silence followed …. Er yes! There was much eye rolling but in the end she agreed with me – if it doesn’t hurt ……!! Don’t get me wrong I am being VERY careful and will rest at the slightest hint of pain but so far so good, the only pain has been of the self-inflicted heel wearing variety!

After a particularly difficult Tuesday morning club run I had a pretty epic hissy fit involving much sobbing about being too unfit to run. I had a word with myself then went out Thursday and got some of my pace back. Don’t get me wrong it wasn’t easy and every single step was a massive effort but it’s given me a glimmer of hope that all the hard work hasn’t been totally lost.

That said this morning’s venture out at 6am went from bad to worse. It was cold, my chest hurt, I couldn’t make my legs move and after three miles of what was supposed to be a five miler I decided I was just wasting energy and shuffled off back home!

These winter months are going to be a test for all of us but we have survived this far and nothing’s going to stop us now!


Stay warm (and stop wearing shorts Tweedle)!!



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