Week Twenty Seven – Woooahhh we’re half way (almost) there!!

The weekend has arrived, the countdown has begun and whilst Tweedle is hyperventilating in the corner with a brown paper bag I am looking back over the last 27 weeks and bringing you my highlights:

In Week 1 I was immediately facing my fears at Sgt Mack’s obstacle course, I decided then and there that I wasn’t going to let anything beat me, I went over that wall (even the big one) and I never looked back.

Week 6 was my first taste of being an ‘injured runner’ with a strained Achilles which taught me that I am not in fact superwoman (worse luck).

In Week 12 I got my parkrun PB 22:47, it still stands today and I am hoping to tackle that in the new year!

Week 14 saw me in total awe of four of the Z2H team who victoriously succeeded in taking on the Tour of MK. These guys have formed such a tight unit and its awesome to see the support they give each other.

Week 16 was the 10k graduation and another PB for me, a brilliant morning out with lots of happy Zero’s.

My happy journey took a nose dive in Week 19 with a fractured foot. I apologise profusely to anyone that had to speak to me during those few weeks, it was emotional.

Week 23 and I was back out there testing the foot and making up for lost time, the foot rehabilitated well and with only a few slight niggles brings us to today, the eve of the winter half and our biggest milestone yet.


Have we all been through a lot to get here? Yes, are we feeling confident? No, not always. Can we do this? Hell Yeah! Deep breath now, watch out MK ……












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