The Big Day, Came and Went!

The Zero to Hero’s tackle the MK Winter Half-Marathon 13th December, 2015 in the rain!


I’m still buzzing from the day and keep reminding myself that I / we ran 13.1-miles!

As I reflect on the day, I surprised myself in that I REALLY enjoyed the race. I even found myself talking to other runners, which is unheard of as normally I can’t figure out how to breathe  and talk at the same time. The course was so pretty, we meandered around the edge of beautiful villages, ran through rather large puddles, which were created by the River Ouse bursting its banks.  The beautiful countryside was just lovely, even in the rain.


Whenever I started to slow down, there was always a Marshall or a member of the public shouting from the side-lines “you’re doing great, keep going” – that encouragement gave me the oomph to keep running.

Now and again I did look at my watch to see how many miles I had run, but I found myself thinking oh just 11-miles to go, just 7-miles to go, which really didn’t help as I was no longer enjoying the present moment. It all became about my destination and not my journey. So I decided not to look at my watch, even when it beeped. Eventually I settled back into my rhythm, so much so, that at one point I missed my turning, and heard other runners shouting “Steph you’re going the wrong way!” I was so in the zone, that it made me laugh out loud!

Up until now the course had been relatively flat, now I’m approaching a hill, thinking ooooh I remember Julie Hudson saying “mile 9/10 are hilly,” not what I needed as my legs were starting to feel a little heavy. I eventually get to the top and relished the downhill bit. I remember thinking “not far now, nearly home,” but as I reached Peartree Bridge my legs felt they were not attached to my body, it felt like I was running on jelly. I looked at my watch – 1.5 miles to the finishing line, can I do it, YES I can! The Marshalls are shouting “c’mom Steph, it’s just around the corner, you’re nearly there”- and what seemed near impossible at that point, somehow I picked up when I heard my family and friends shouting “c’mom  mum, grandma, Steph,”  and within seconds I crossed the finishing line. I did it, conquered my fears and enjoyed it!


My time, which really wasn’t that important was 2-hours and 30-minutes. What was really important to me was my journey and what I learned from it!


Thank you to the Redway Runners, the Zero to Hero’s, the Marshalls and not forgetting family and friends, because without all their support and encouragement I wouldn’t be challenging myself to train for the MK Marathon in May, 2016.

“Challenges are what make life interesting. Overcoming them is what makes them meaningful”





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