Week Twenty Eight – Can you believe it!

Ahhhhhh for the first time in Twenty Eight weeks I FORGOT TO WRITE MY BLOG!!! Must be all the excitement of finally getting to that Winter Half milestone along with the fact it’s nearly Christmas, I haven’t finished my shopping and we’ve had in the inlaws to stay!

So the wet and muddy big day finally arrived and it seems we all lived to face another day, I found race day tough. I got the time I wanted but came away feeling like I should have pushed harder or it should have hurt less, either way I am looking forward to having another go!

The next few weeks for me are all about ticking over, enjoying Christmas and a holiday away before the hard work starts again in January.

I have loved the second half of this year, I have met so many new friends and challenged myself more than ever. This time next week I’ll be skiing in the mountains (or getting drunk at the bar) so I will wish you all a very merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and I will see you on the other side in 2016 ready to face a marathon!

tdtd (2)


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