Week Thirty Two – Let’s Get Serious!

So, the gloves are off (well in fact it’s quite the opposite, they are most definitely on, along with the hat, thermals and the double socks, as the cold weather has definitely arrived) but figuratively speaking the hard work has really started this week.

Sunday was my first long run since before Christmas and was amazing to see so many runners in green. I still can’t really believe I am voluntarily up and out of the house before 8am to do ‘early club’ and squeeze a few extra miles in before the main run!

The Zero’s were in for a real treat this week as we gathered like penguins on a cold Wednesday evening learning plenty of new techniques to help with our training. My particular favourite of course involved food, pringles, and BBQ ones at that! Carrying the delicious snack in your hands whilst sprinting and trying not to tense up and crush it takes some effort, I think I need to practice more, luckily they are on offer at Tesco’s!


I managed two good tempo runs this week, finishing up with an introduction to Friday club. Yes, OK I did have to be massively persuaded to go along and I bailed out at the one-hour option but I will definitely go back for more!

This week I am feeling really positive about the challenge ahead and as I sit with my feet up and a good old Disney film I am looking forward to tomorrows Sunday run which hopefully will be my longest run yet!!



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