Week Thirty Four – Water Water Everywhere ……..

Christmas has long since been and gone, the last of the quality street have been devoured (yes even the coconut ones, I was desperate) and the serious training is now well underway with the mileage really ramping up.

My last two long runs have both been in excess of 2.5 hours, which leads me to wonder what else I could have done with my time and if I would have taken on fluids.

In 2.5 hours I can:

Drive from my house in Yardley Gobion to my old house in Essex and back again. Driving long journeys always requires multiple coffee stops (or tea in my case) and journey sweets accompanied by cries of “are we nearly there yet” (cue the final few miles last week’s Sunday run)

Listen to Justin Bieber’s ‘Love Yourself’ on repeat 34 times. Should you choose to do this (and I don’t recommend you do) you would certainly need a drink and somehow I don’t think water would cut it!

And if the Daily Mail is to be believed (again not something widely recommended) Virgin is busy building a galactic space craft that will fly from London to Sydney in 2.5 hours. I am fairly sure if this one ever comes off there will be drinks flowing!

The point being there aren’t many things you’d do without taking on fluids yet still I turned out last Sunday, ran 17.5 miles and didn’t think to take any water. Am I invincible (er no), was I starting to hallucinate envisaging ways to steal other people’s water? (er yes, sorry), will I take water this week? (hell yes).

After a bit of a demotivating week, putting a bit too much pressure on myself and my body I am hoping to remember why I have come to love running this Sunday with a nice easy paced long run sporting the new addition to my running wardrobe. Whether it’s full of water or I am on loop 33 of Justin Bieber and have hit the hard stuff is between me and the Camelbak!




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