Week Thirty Six – What Am I Thinking?!?

Sometimes when things are going well, but more often when they’re not I find myself wondering why I am doing all this, usually with a large groan and exclaiming “what am I thinking?!?”! Well you’re in for a treat this week folks, here’s what I’m thinking …….

Oh crap it can’t be Saturday again already
I haven’t written my blog yet
I really don’t have anything to say
I’ve exhausted all options
Haha oh yes it’s Saturday
I’m glad I’m not at XC
It looked hilly and muddy
OK and a little bit fun
But at least I will be fresh for tomorrow
Which I think is also going to be hilly
It’s the MK Dons Run
I haven’t done that one in ages
It was our first ever 90 minute run
How things have changed
We laughed at the madness of people running beforehand
That will be us tomorrow
At least we’ve learned how to get our socks on the right feet now
I think it might be my longest ever run
We’ve all come along way
36 weeks of training
Only 11 more to go
11 more blogs
Not long to convince people I am genuinely not insane
I think it’s too late
They all know the truth
Best run!
With love (as it’s nearly Valentines)

With love


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