Week Thirty Eight – Just keep swimming!

There’s a real problem with this weekly blog writing shenanigan (and it’s not just the fact I had to google how to spell shenanigan)! When things are good we can celebrate, you all have to endure sweaty pictures of me looking happy as I cross some finish line or other. When things are tough the motivational quotes come out to play and you’re supposed to get to the last line buzzing with a new sense of enthusiasm (that’s the plan anyway)! When I have had too much to drink on a Friday night all you get is a picture as I am too hungover to type (cue the Redway Runners Christmas Party week) and when I am feeling soppy, tweedle gets a love song!

So what happens when the chips are really down, when I want to curl into a ball, stay under the duvet and eat more than just one family grab bag of peanut M&M’s? I wasn’t going to blog today, despite subjecting you all to my incessant babble week after week I like to think I am a fairly private person, so I won’t lay bare the facts (you can save those tiny violins for the morning after marathon day when I plan to whine with the best of them about every tiny twinge), but not doing what I set out to do just because things get tough is a slippery slope to failure.

There is no doubt in my mind that some severe mental strength is going to be needed come marathon day and maybe even more so in these last few weeks leading up to it. So whilst the rest of my Saturday is probably going to be spent with my head under a duvet calmly pretending it wasn’t just me that ate all those M&M’s, tomorrow I will be back on the road, getting the miles done and feeling good!



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