Week Forty – Nobody Said it was Easy!

How can you have week forty without week thirty-nine I hear you ask? Well if I could erase week thirty-nine then maybe I would, it was the week of let’s face facts and it was all a little too raw to write about so, I saved you all the grief and I saved my laptop from certain water damage too.

For anyone out there that hasn’t had the misfortune to cross paths with me over the last week or so, I am injured, currently not running and not looking likely that I will make ‘The Big One’. It appears one stress fracture wasn’t enough and that the femur would be the preferred location this time around, opposite leg too of course! I am waiting on an official diagnosis after X-ray so there is always a teeny glimmer of hope that it’s something else with a much shorter recovery time but for now it seems I am bedding down for the long haul of stress fracture recovery.

If I was a bit more tech savvy I would at this moment cue Coldplay’s ‘Nobody said it was easy’ and weep a little more as I consider that no, nobody did say it was easy but I didn’t for one second consider that it was going to be this hard and I am most definitely going back to the start!

Over the last week I have seen some amazing photos of many fellow zero’s taking part in the MK Festival of Running, Wimbledon and Silverstone half marathons and the much missed RR Sunday Run, the grit, the determination and most importantly the smiles and I want in on this! If there is one tiny bit of hope that I will be with you all in May I am going to do everything I can to make it happen. For me this means hitting the gym, keeping up my cardio and if I can get running in time, slowing the pace and enjoying the journey.

To continue my musical compilation, we’ll have D:Ream ‘Things can only get better’ and finish off with chumbawamba ‘Tubthumping’ (I get knocked down).  For now, this is my scenery (it’s enough to make even the dreaded Caldecotte lake look appealing), give me a wave if you see me!


Happy running folks, enjoy the peace. I WILL be back!





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