When I started the Zero to Hero programme I was excited in working towards a goal that would help me to run in the MK Marathon in May 2016. In the last 9-months I’ve gone from running zero to 14-miles. I’ve run in 2 half marathons, 3-10k’s and the occasional park-run. In each race it’s been a good experience, but have I just been lucky!

My last half-marathon was in Wimbledon Common last Sunday, and oh boy was that some experience, you could say my luck had run out that day! Although the course was really pretty, it did have its down-side. The first and last hill were long and steep, and if that wasn’t enough to contend with, the mud was ankle deep, meaning runners were hopping from one side to the other to avoid slipping and sliding. It became like a slalom course, mainly because of loose dogs and owners who were not going to step out of the way.

Trying to look ahead was a joke as one was too busy trying to navigate the deep trenches of mud, and stay upright. One poor Redway Runner did fall over, and had to leave the race.

Natalie and I managed to navigate the first half of the race without scathe. However, the second half was disaster. I think picking my way through and over mud my glute muscle gave up, in fact it seized up. At one point I could not put one foot in front of the other, it was agony. The last 2.5 miles I hobbled, jogged and when it all got too much I stopped to stretch it. Eventually I crossed the finishing line with Natalie and with a sea of green shouting our names. That was awesome!

Natalie bless her, stayed with me all the way. She was a real trooper. If it wasn’t for her I would have given up. Thank you Natalie for looking after me, you’re a treasure!

Because of my injuries I am now re-evaluating my marathon goal. With the Oakely 20-mile race looming ahead, and just being 2.5 weeks away, I feel I’m behind in my training. I’ve only reached 14-miles, and at this point in our training we should be up to 15/16-miles. This is where I feel I’m an inexperienced runner. Because of yesterday’s run I’ve lost some confidence, but more importantly I’m I asking too much from my body, which  is why it broke down yesterday, or was I just unlucky?

I’m trying to stay ‘open’ to the idea that my injuries will mend in time for me to run and that I’ll be able to take part. And, if they don’t heal in time – well then I guess I have to accept that life ebbs and flows, and there are times for whatever reason, we don’t always reach our goals when expected. But that doesn’t mean I won’t fulfil my marathon goal, it just may not be the right time now. Maybe my goal is the half-marathon! Any suggestions anyone?



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