Week Forty One – Welcome to Sufferlandria!

When my alarm clock went off at 6 am this morning Facebook reliable informed me it was the first day of Spring. A quick look outside the window confirms yes, it is light, the birds are singing, the lambs are bleating (incredibly loudly), it is spring, which means only one thing right – I am off for a ……. Gym session! Sigh.


There is something incredibly energising about getting up to go for a run with friends, skulking into the gym dragging one leg behind me does not feel quite so good especially when 3 hours of cardio is on the table!

Anyway needs must so despite a few yawns I head up to the spin studio and saddle up (still minus spin shoes I might add) ready for 2 hours of Sufferfest. To be fair it wasn’t as bad as it could have been and for once I wasn’t the only person mad enough to be in there. The 60 minutes on the cross trainer that followed was a whole lot worse. At least when you run there’s fresh air, people to chat too and the scenery changes. My scenery changed from an empty squash court, to a couple of old blokes playing squash, then back to empty again – I am still not sure what was worse!

One things for sure though this isn’t going to beat me, if I can endure the mind numbing boredom of three hours in the gym I can run a marathon right??

Here’s hoping!




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