The Time Is Not Right!

Since the Wimbledon Common Half I have not been able to run easily because of an injury that has been with me since September 2015. My problematic glute is now affecting my hamstring, my knee and my calf, as well as the other leg as I’m favouring it.  The good news is I have an MRI booked for 8th April, and hopefully we can get to the bottom (excuse the pun) of what is going on.

I was hoping that if I could walk/jog Oakley 20 I’d be fine, but the reality is even the walking is making things worse, and its a pretty miserable feeling. To add to that feeling I’m behind in my training, and putting myself under pressure. At the end of the day I want my running to be fun, so for now I’ve accepted that the MK Marathon 2016 is not the right time for me. But, I’m hoping with swimming, spinning and some walking I can keep myself fit and run in the half-marathon, providing the MRI can shed some light.

I have to say though when I made my decision not to run in the Marathon I was disappointed in that I don’t get to achieve my goal, after all I’ve been working towards this for the last 10-months. But, when I look back and see how far I’ve come my eyes light up! At the end of the day this is my running journey, and its what I learn from it – one thing for sure I’m learning to be patient and grateful.

I hope its not too long before I’m back to running with the Redway Runners, as I’ve really learned to love running. All it is at the moment is “the time is not right”but one day it will be, just not now!

“Sometimes we don’t get what we want when we want it, because its not the right time for us to get it”

PS: Simple, right?


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