What’s Next?

After the buzz of watching the Z2H’s cross the finishing line, I can’t help but think what’s next.

For the last 12-months the Z2H’s have worked towards their goal of running in the MK Marathon, which has just been and gone. It felt like it went in a flash, one minute they were at the start line, the next they were crossing the finishing line. I’m sure though during the course the runners must have felt beyond challenged – 26.2 miles is a long way for any runner!

As each runner approached the home run, they entered the MK Dons Stadium to hearing the sound of whistles, cheering and shouting from family and friends – the atmosphere was electrifying. As I watched the runners come towards me, you could see in their faces they had put their heart and soul into their running – this was their moment!

Although it should also have been my day too, I felt immensely proud as each Z2H crossed that line. I knew what it meant to them! Over the last 12-months, not only have I run with the Z2H’s, but shared injuries and stories – friendships were made and so were memories.

I’m sure as the runners recover from their epic journey they will start planning their next run. But, what’s next for me? Well I have joined the beginners group, who are presently running for 2-minutes and walking for 2-minutes. which is perfect for me. It means I can introduce running slowly and get back on track. I’m also very much looking forward to running with the next group of Z2H’s.

After watching all the runners on Marathon day I realise that if I am to stand a chance in completing a marathon, I need to be strong, fit and free from injury.

Z2H’s you were all awesome on the day of your graduation – a big fat congratulations – YOU DID IT! You were one of 4,300 runners and can proudly say you’re a marathon runner!

The photograph of Danny with his mentor Stephen say’s it all!

MK_Marathon_a_DSC_8588 copy
I did it!




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