Behind the Scenes of the 2016 MK Marathon

While you were out running, 500 volunteers were busy behind the scenes.I have to admit that I was pretty clueless at what goes on behind the scenes of organising a Marathon. My husband Jerry and I had the pleasure of helping out at the MK Marathon, and oh boy did we learn a lot.

We arrived at 7.30am, but it was obvious that people had arrived well before that time. Somehow we had found our way into the Stadium and found Julie Hudson and others handing out the runners numbers. On the opposite side of the room there was a registration desk for the SuperHeroes Run. It was super busy!

MK_Marathon_DSC_8095 copy

Downstairs in the main hall  Up and Running were setting their stall up, boxes of bananas, bottles of water were being unloaded, t-shirts sorted and the Scouts organising baggage from the runners.

MK_Marathon_DSC_8098 copy

Outside of the stadium the St John’s Ambulance were getting their equipment ready, so they can set off on their bikes and be positioned along the course.

MK_Marathon_DSC_8114 copy

Gareth Lloyd and his crew from BBC 3CR were also busy setting up equipment – and getting ready for the count-down.

So many marshalls were busy putting up guard rails and cones to organise the runners, as well at setting up water stations.

The Mayor of MK opened up the event to 4,300 runners.

While the runners were on the course,  marshalls were guiding the families on the SuperHero run, and it seemed like minutes that the first runner from the superhero was pounding through the finishing line.

The support from families and friends was electrying.

MK_Marathon_DSC_8527 copy


So as family and friends were waiting in anticipation. Volunteers were getting ready to hand out medals and water. The St.John’s ambulance were waiting in the wings to assist runners, should they need it.

Over 500 volunteers were involved in keeping you safe, and happy. It was an incredible day in so many ways. Andy Hully, Race Director to the MK Marathon – you’re a star!

Winners of the MK Marathon 216 –

in my book everyone who took part was a winner.

“Life is a journey not a competition”





















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