Back Up and Running

After a 9-week rest of no running, I joined Annette’s beginners group back in May. It was the perfect introduction to get  me back into running. According to my doctor I had to introduce running very slowly, so I followed Annette’s instructions to the T – 1-minute running, 1-minute walking for a mile.

As the week’s ticked by it wasn’t long before we were up to running for 6,7 and 8-minutes with a 1-minute rest. Although I enjoyed Annette’s group enormously I was conscious that I needed a little more time on my feet, so I made the decision to move to the step-up group on a Monday with Debbie and on a Thursday with Leigh.

In last year’s Z2H programme, I learned a lot about me and my training. Although it was a great learning experience, including my injuries and learning to being patient, I did too much, too soon. Hence the injuries!

This year’s Z2H I am building up slowly, and taking it a little easier, and not putting so much pressure on myself regarding pace and time. To help with the healing process and to get stronger I’ve introduced Yoga, spinning and swimming to my fitness regime. I still struggle with gym work, as I would prefer to do other classes, but I know it has its place.

With rest and being kind to my body I do feel stronger and fitter. It not only shows in my running, but also my outlook. As I start to increase my distance, this is giving me confidence in knowing that “I can” work towards training for a marathon.

Because I’m feeling good, it’s easy to run ahead and book races, but my mentor has other ideas, which I really appreciate.

I’m really looking forward to training with the new Z2H’s as well as Wendy McConnell from last year’s Z2H, and of course my encouraging Mentor Stuart Woodrough.

Last Thursday I got to meet  and run with 4 ladies in this year’s Z2H, which was super nice.


“Great things are done by a series of small things brought together”  Vincent Van Gogh



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