My First Race in a While!

The RR Festival of Running last Sunday was brilliant. It was relaxed, and with lots of support. But, I have to admit at the beginning I did feel a tad anxious about it.

Was I doing too much, too soon, crossed my mind and placing doubts in my head. Even though my recent runs with the club have felt really comfortable, now all of a sudden I’m dwelling on “what if.” As we walked to the start line, I noticed there were not that many of us, and I’m not sure if that was a good thing or not. As we shouted down 5,4,3,2,1  we were off! I set my watch to my heart rate, and knew that I had to stick to that number. Within seconds my HR had gone from 82 to 145, but I knew that was excitement, or was it nerves, or maybe a bit of both.

It wasn’t long before my HR settled, and I found my rhythm. Since coming back to running I now follow my HR number as it keeps me from what pace I’m running at, and how far I’ve run. It also helps my breathing to be more relaxed and the more relaxed I am, the easier my run is and the happier I am – a win win really!


As we approach the end of lap one, the support was amazing, which gave me a boost to run a little faster. Just knowing that you have one lap to go, lightens the mind. I was on a roll, everything felt good and that little gremlin that sometimes sits on my shoulder, was nowhere to be seen. Funny that!

Homeward bound, I see my 6-year old grandson Harry who runs to the finishing line with me – who looks as chuffed as me. Bless him!


Its the best feeling in the world crossing the finishing line and feeling happy and relieved. Thank you everyone for the support and the organisation, and a big thank you to Andy Collins who captured the moment.


Harry and his sister Isabelle get to be in the group photo of all the Redway Runners taking part yesterday. Maybe one day they also may be inspired to be part of the RR’s green family.

“Surround yourself with people who are only going to lift you higher”






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