Life’s an Experience!

My life before 61 mainly consisted of work (still working), renovating our home (and still are) and enjoying the grandchildren. It was only when I took up running, just over 16-months ago, that my life has changed direction. Running has introduced, not only for me, but also my family, a different way of life. Three of the grandchildren are now running at the junior park run. Photo of Harry below in his Redway Runners t-shirt at the MK Junior Park-Run. Harry’s mum is just in front of him, and has now joined the Redway Runners.

Harry_DSC_8960 copy.jpg

The Redway Runners Rock! If it wasn’t for the encouragement of the Redway Runners, I would not be challenging myself in any form. Instead I’d probably be dreaming about training for a Marathon, and as for trail running it wouldn’t even be on my radar.

Talking of trail-running. There happened to be a post in the August Women’s Running Magazine that caught my eye. They were looking for 3-women to run their first trail-run half marathon. I applied and somehow they liked my story.

So, Clare, Abbey and I were chosen to participate in the ‘ProjectTrail‘ which is organised by the Women’s Running Magazine Team. They will be training us for  the off-road Bath Hilly Half in November. Do the team know what they’ve taken on, I wonder!


Last Wednesday we all met up with the Women’s Running Magazine Team at Wimbledon Common. We also got to meet the three men who will be running for the Men’s Running Magazine. So, all in all there will be six of us on the ‘ProjectTrail.’


Our day at Wimbledon Common was a mixture of being interviewed, having our photos taken in our new gear, supplied by Columbia Sports and Montrail, and should the sun decide to show its face, someday we’ll be sporting our Adidas sunglasses. To keep us on track we’ll be wearing our new TomTom GPS watch, with a built-in heart-rate monitor. If nothing else, we definitely looked the part that day!

For the next few months we’ll be flying with the energy drinks, protein bars and gels, that High5 Nutrition have provided us with.

Anne-Marie Lategan (the lady in blue) will be the ladies personal trainer, who will be giving us individual training plans and advice. Anne-Marie is an Ultra-Runner and has lots of experience, so we’re in good hands.

Exciting times ahead, what with the Trail-Half in November and the Z2H Winter MK Half-Marathon in December. Hopefully, my training schedule  for the trail-half will be a good balance for the road-running. I’m hoping I’ll start to love them hills, rather than dread them. Brickhill Woods here I come!

Wish me luck, coz I’m gonna need it…Life is an experience, right?

The purpose of life is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost,
to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experience.
Eleanor Roosevelt


2 thoughts on “Life’s an Experience!

  1. Stephanie this is so exciting and I’m so proud of you! You’ve done an awesome job of working through injuries and challenging yourself without hurting yourself. Best of luck in the off trail. You’re an inspiration!


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